Ohmuro Sakurako Cosplay by Rinto Tocchi

This cute blonde girl coming from Yuru Yuri anime, although she's not the main character but she's cute enough to attract a lot of male fans fall in love with her, Sakurako Ohmuro very cheerful and she was candidat for the vice-president Student Council next year, she has blonde hair with petite body. and Rinto Tocchi was made better version Sakurako for me ^^.

                                                 Tocchi's WorldCosplay

This Ohmuro Sakurako Cosplay Pictures is a reallife and more mature version of Ohmuro Sakurako, in the anime she looks more cute with a face like a little girl, in the second Ohmuro Sakurako Cosplay Picture we can also see Himawari Furutani cosplay, although Sakurako and Himawari often arguing but they have the same feeling of (yes..in that way). love this Ohmuro Sakurako Cosplay by Rinto Tocchi.

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