Sweet Junko Enishima Cosplay by HIKO

Here is my favorites girl from Dangan Ronpa anime series, Junko Enishima is the main antagonist character in the anime, Enoshima control Monokuma from behind the scenes in order to cause anxiety between the students to the make them kill each other. she even kills her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba to "Set an example" for the students not to directly rebel Monokuma.

                                Hiko WorldCosplay

However behind Enoshima sadistic nature I like her fashion, and Hiko show everything right, tall, feminine figure wears a black cardigan over a white dress shirt loose enough to expose some of her bra, just like the one in this Junko Enishima Cosplay picture. If you like this picture I think you would also love Junko Enishima Cosplay picture by SJun.

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